Types Of Personal Loans

Salary Advance

Advance Salary is a short-term loan against your salary, provided to meet some urgent personal needs.

Home Renovation Loan

As the name suggests, this loan can help you finance your home’s repair and renovation.

Laptop Loan

Laptops are now a necessity and owning a laptop that meets all your needs in terms of features, configuration, and settings have become essential.

Wedding Loan

This loan aims to help couples and families deal with the pressure of wedding finances.

Travel/Vacation Loan

If you are planning a vacation and wish to take care of your travel bills without draining your savings or affecting your monthly budget, this is the kind of loan you should go for.


Unexpected events in life sometimes make us end up in hospitals with a pile of medical bills. This type of loan can help you with your medical bills.

Medical Loan

Instant medical emergency loan can be a lifesaver.


This loan ensures that you never run out of money and have a sufficient amount in your account if there is an emergency.

Festival Loan

Get instant loans at the time of festivals

Credit Card Balance Transfer

This loan helps you to enjoy a low-interest rate and avoid credit card debt on the existing card

Emergency Loan

An Emergency Loan is basically a Personal Loan that can be used to finance sudden, unforeseen expenses.

Education Loan

Under this special loan scheme, the students of the country are offered financial help to study in renowned institutes in India and abroad.