The worldwide impact of the Coronavirus epidemic is still seen today. Changes are taking place in our everyday lives, both at home and at work. In today’s society, the business world has already changed significantly. The current epidemic is pushing small businesses in India and throughout the world to get notoriety like never before. Small and medium-sized enterprises in India continue to rely largely on banking and NBFC financing. Firm loans allow you to invest in operations, plants, and machinery while also providing small company loans to help you expand continuously. Furthermore, loans for firms may be used to support important company activities.

A fresh type of business loan known as a customized business loan is created to specifically meet the needs of a startup or cutting-edge company. With the help of these loans, your company may expand and get the competitive edge it needs to thrive in the modern economy. You won’t encounter any obstacles when you discover from this article where and how to obtain a business loan in India.

Indian Small Business Loan Interest Rates: Factors to Consider

Credit Report Score

Three digits, ranging from 300 to 900, make up a credit score. You will be deemed creditworthy by your lender. Lenders consider your credit score when determining how reliable you are. If you have a high credit score, the interest rates on your business loan will be significantly cheaper. A credit score in the range of 750 and 850 is regarded as acceptable by the majority of lenders. Consequently, if your credit score is low, your lender can consider you to be a risky borrower and increase the interest rate on the loan or reject your application. It’s usually a good idea to check your credit score before applying for a business loan.

Loan Amount

Loans to large businesses offer lower interest rates than loans to small businesses. For a new firm, it is preferable to take out a substantial business loan rather than a small one because interest rates vary based on the loan amount a client receives. Don’t forget to account for the needs and demands of your business, as well as the cost of labor, machinery, supplies, and other outlays.

Relationship with the Lender

If you have a strong and positive relationship with the lender from whom you borrow money and are an established client, you may be able to negotiate a lower interest rate. You might be able to reduce the interest rates on your business loan.If you have a strong relationship with your lender over time, they could lower the interest rates because most lenders want to keep their clientele happy.

Credit History

If you have a long history of solid credit, your lender will offer you a modest interest rate for your business loan. It’s for your lender’s benefit to be able to assess your creditworthiness based on past dealings with prior credit products. If you’ve established a solid track record of good credit, banks will see you favorably and lend to you at lower interest rates. Your interest rates will be higher if you have a bad credit history due to your reputation as a risky borrower.

Types of Business Loan

  1. Unsecured Working Capital Loan
  2. Microloans
  3. Invoice Discounting
  4. GST Surrogate
  5. Revenue Based Finance
  6. Banking Surrogate
  7. E Commerce Loan
  8. Small Business Loan
  9. Startup Loans

Top Options for Small Business Loans

SBI Simplified Small Business Loans

As the name suggests, the SBI business loans is a facility for the MSME business. The main aim of the SBI simplified small business loans is to help the small businesses in building their current assets and fixed assets. 

The minimum amount of loan that could be taken by the MSME businesses is Rs 10 Lakh, while the maximum amount for the same is Rs. 25 lakh. The interesting thing about the SBI simplified small business loans is that it requires 40% of the collateral security and the interest of it is linked to the MCLR (Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate).

Min: Above Rs. 10 lacs.

Max: Less than Rs. 25 lacs.

As said above, it is best for the small MSME businesses that require banking facilities.

Omozing helps make Smart Money Moves for a Lifetime. They strive to get lowest interest rates and best terms for your Online Applications at . We’ve made business lending smarter, faster and easier by transforming the approval process from stumbling blocks to stepping-stones. This enables borrowers to not just get access to capital, but also understand what areas they need to work on in order to enhance their credit profile. Omozing ensures that Borrowers get a secure, safe and reliable application process that be tracked online. Currently, we are offering

Business Loans based on the following:

  1. Unsecured Working Capital Loan
  2. Microloans
  3. Invoice Discounting
  4. GST Surrogate
  5. Revenue Based Finance
  6. Banking Surrogate

Documents Required

  1. GST Registration Certificate
  2. PAN Card and Partnership deed
  3. (Applicable if partnership company)
  4. Office Address Proof
  5. (Utility Bills for Telephone, Electricity, GST Registration Certificate OR  Bank Statement)
  6. Income Tax returns of the last 2 Years along with ITR Saral Copy, Computation of income statement, Balance sheet, P&L, 3 CA , 3 CD Audit reports along with all schedules.


HDFC Bank is a trusted banking institution having good collateral free loan schemes. If you are willing to get a loan from an old and trusted institution then HDFC would be the best option for you. The terms and conditions of business loans are:-


Eligibility Criteria 

Flexi Loans

Leading online lender FlexiLoans provides hassle-free short-term personal business loans to small businesses for growth, to fulfil working capital needs, and to improve cash flow. Companies are eligible for loans with short terms of up to two years, ranging from 50,000 to one million rupees. FlexiLoans can choose between weekly or monthly EMI payments with flexible repayment options. You’ll also pay interest starting at 1% of the monthly loan amount.

Some of the features are-

IDFC First Bank

The creation of IDFC First Bank resulted from the merger between IDFC Bank and Capital First. For different operational purposes, this bank provides a variety of unsecured business loans. You can get a personal business loan from IDFC Bank without providing security or collateral. They will assist you further on how to take a business loan. Existing customers may also use the Top-Up option, which allows them to borrow additional funds from the bank over and beyond their current loan balance. Up to Rs. 75 lakhs in unsecured business loans are available from IDFC First Bank, with interest rates starting at 11.69% and loan terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. The processing charge for an IDFC First Business Loan might reach 2.50% of the loan amount.

Lendingkart Business Loan

For Indian small and medium businesses, Lendingkart provides specialized industry loans. The application, approval, and disbursal processes are all quite simple, and there is no bureaucratic red tape like there is with bank loans. They have created a quick and effective digital interface that reduces the need for human interaction and aids in quickening the entire business loan application procedure.

Some of the features of Lendingkart Business Loan are-

Fullerton India

An NBFC called Fullerton India provides financing options focusing on India’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Fullerton India offers various business loans that fit different business needs through its 636 branches across India. It distinguishes itself from its rivals with solutions that don’t require collateral and speedy processing. With competitive interest rates beginning at 13% and a maximum repayment term of 48 months, Fullerton India offers unsecured personal loans for business purposes ranging from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. Fullerton India may levy a processing fee of up to 6.5% of the loan amount, depending on the prevailing GST rate.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Business loans without collateral are available from Kotak Mahindra Bank in various forms. Simple, fast, and hassle-free is the application process. The 72-hour turnaround time for Kotak Mahindra Bank’s business loan approvals makes it a hassle-free option. It additionally provides Fund against Credit Card Receivables (FCCR) with a loan amount up to Rs. 3 Crore. Unsecured business loans up to 75 lakh rupees are available from Kotak Mahindra Bank with interest rates ranging from 11.69% to 15% and up to a 48-month repayment period. Up to 2% of the loan amount plus any applicable GST is the processing cost for Kotak Mahindra Business Loans.


A variety of business loans are available from ICICI Bank to meet the finance requirements of any organization engaged in business. ICICI Bank guarantees efficient and straightforward loan processing thanks to its best-in-class processes. It’s a competitive alternative on the market because of the speedy processing, minimum paperwork, and low-interest rates. In India, ICICI Bank provides business loans with interest rates as low as 12.9% per year and maximum loan terms of 60 months, ranging in size from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 crores. A maximum of 2% plus any applicable GST may be levied as the processing fee. You contact them, and they will guide you on how to take a business loan from ICICI Bank.

Tata Capital Business Loans

Unsecured business loans are available from Tata Capital with various EMI plans. The adaptable loan for personal business from Tata Capital can be tailored specifically to your company’s needs to satisfy those objectives. It offers business loans with interest rates starting at 18% and payback terms up to 36 months, ranging in size from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. The processing cost could be as much as 2.75% of the loan amount plus GST for a Tata Capital Business Loan.

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