How Sachin Used Credit Cards to his benefit – and You Can Too!

Sachin was a young man who had just started working at a new job. He was excited to finally have a steady income and was eager to start building his credit history. However, he had heard horror stories about people getting into debt because of credit cards and was determined not to make the same […]

How to Progressively Reduce your Credit Card Dues

Credit Card interest is very high – we have witnessed even 45% plus APR on outstanding credit card balances. We constantly received enquiries about how to reduce your credit card bill and ultimately pay off all the amount. Here are some tips. Credit card debt can be overwhelming, and it can be easy to feel […]

Credit Card Billing Rules from July 1st, 2022

On April 21, 2022, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) published updated regulations for the issue of credit and debit cards. These include updated regulations for credit card cancellation, invoicing, etc. Every Scheduled Bank (with the exception of Payments Banks, State Co-operative Banks, and District Central Cooperative Banks) and all Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) operating […]

Credit Card vs. Personal Loan

Usually a loan available on a fixed rate of interest, a personal loan is sanctioned for a given tenure of between 12 and 60 months payable via equal monthly instalments or EMIs that include the principal as well as the interest component. Personal loan for salaried individuals is more easily approved than those for self-employed people. A […]

Credit Card Truth

There’s no doubt about it credit cards offer the utmost in convenience. They’re accepted everywhere and since you only get a bill once a month, you don’t have to have any cash available to pay for things when you purchase them.  A Lesson in Responsible Credit Card Usage How you handle your credit card and […]

10 Tips to Use Credit Cards Effectively

Credit cards have become a part of our life. For anything and everything, we end up using credit cards because of the rewards it offers. Credit cards have directly or indirectly increased our spending. We first spend and regret it at the end of the month when we get our bill. The interest expenses on […]

10 ways to pay off your Credit Card Dues

Credit cards offer an instant solution to cardholders with most of their purchases and problems. Almost all banks offer a wide range of credit cards for different needs. Credit cards, when used recklessly, are a certain one-way ticket to a debt trap. But the same card, if used smartly, can actually buttress your financial needs […]

Credit Card Balance Overdue Hazards and Remedies

Credit cards can provide great perks and allow you to earn cash back or rewards for your purchases. They also serve as tools for helping you build credit, which can be important if you want to buy a house or car one day. But there are some risks involved in using credit cards, and if you’re […]

7 Warning Signs of Wrong Credit Card Usage

A credit card is definitely an addition to your financial assets, but did you know that this little plastic card can cost you a pretty penny if not used in a disciplined way. The wrong usage of credit cards can turn the boons into bane, negatively affect your credit score and land you into major […]

Credit Card Balance Transfer

A credit card balance transfer can be defined as the transfer of one credit card balance amount to another, this can be seen as a method employed by many lenders (banks) to get customers to use shift to another credit card. The balance transfer is mainly done to enjoy low interest rate and avoid credit card debt […]