A current account is mostly used by persons who are in the business world. Many banks provide a variety of current accounts with varying minimum account balances (monthly or quarterly) and deposit limits.

By processing huge numbers of receipts and payments, a current account enables you to perform timely commercial operations. I’ve included a list of the finest banks in India for creating a current account in the first part.

1. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank began its operation to fund the Housing sector and eventually began banking operations. Today, it is the first choice for entrepreneurs as well as corporate firms for current accounts. HDFC Bank offers a wide range of current accounts to choose. You can opt for the one that suits your business.

The bank offers a tailor-made current account for professionals including bloggers and internet entrepreneurs. There’s Smart up Solution for Start-Ups which is designed understanding the challenges and requirements of a new business venture.

2. IndusInd Bank Current Account

Most of the current account at IndusInd Bank requires lower minimum balance requirements, except prestige current account.

You can have 365 days of banking, choose account number, group your business accounts, doorstep banking and smart cash management services.

IndusInd Bank has current accounts for regular business, large corporate, importers and exporters. They also offer current accounts to specific industries like IT, textile, hotels, SMEs, travel agencies and logistic firms.

3. State Bank India

One of the most elite and most popular banks in India, SBI is not very far behind on the list of best banks to open a current account. State Bank of India is a nationalized bank and given the service rating of a national bank compared to a private bank; it is not at the top beside the likes of ICICI and HDFC.

However, after a revamp of the bank with modernization everywhere, State Bank of India is giving tougher competition to its customer support. You can visit their official site and check the features of the current account offered at SBI. You can also take advantage of corporate banking for your needs while you are opening a new current account.

4. ICICI Bank Current Account

You would find the best interactive technology for banking products from ICICI.

Whether you need an internet banking platform, online account opening or mobile banking transaction, ICICI has easy-to-operate user-friendly tech features. Technologically superior banking platforms is the USP of ICICI Bank.

For businesses, ICICI Bank has an iBizz mobile application for a banking facility, CMS payments and trade online approvals for LC, BG, remittances and bill payments.

ICICI Bank also allows cardless cash withdrawal at ATMs which is helpful in payment to the beneficiary who does not have a bank account.

5. Bank of Baroda Current Account

Bank of Baroda offers quality customer support and service. The bank has one of the lowest current account charges with a maximum charge of Rs. 1,000 for the premium current account.

The other unique services include auto and reverse sweep facility in current accounts which helps account holders to earn interest.

Bank of Baroda offers rebates and discounts on locker rents; demat services and waiver of car loan processing charges.

6. Axis Bank Current Account

It is the second best-known saving account for small businesses because of its zero balance facility.

The benefits provided by them are 75 free transactions each month. It charges a sum of Rs.1999 as an annual charge, but if your MAB exceeds Rs.50000, no annual fee is charged. It offers a wide network of ATM, and along with it online, and mobile banking.

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