World Consumer Day, celebrated annually on March 15, raises awareness of consumers’ demands and rights. Due to the need for safety, today is of the highest significance. Do you know what your rights as a customer are?

6 Consumer Rights

1. Right to safety

is the legal right to protection from the marketing of products and services that pose a risk to property or human life. The items and services they acquire should serve both their short-term demands and long-term objectives. Prior to making a purchase, customers should insist on both the product’s quality and the guarantee of the goods and services. They have to seek for high-quality items with labels like ISI or AGMARK, etc.

2. Right to Choose

means having the legal right to a range of products and services at reasonable prices wherever feasible. It refers to the right to be guaranteed of good quality and service at a reasonable price in the situation of monopolies. The right to essential goods and services is also included. This is because the majority may not receive its fair share if the minority’s freedom of choice is unlimited. In a competitive market when a range of items are offered at competitive rates, this right can be better exercised.

3. Right to be Informed

Means the customer has a legal right to information about the nature, scope, potency, purity, standard, price, and other aspects of the products in order to avoid unfair business practises. Before making a choice or decision, the consumer should insist on learning everything there is to know about the good or service. This will provide him the freedom to behave sensibly and ethically while also preventing him from succumbing to high-pressure sales tactics.

4. Right to Consumer Education

Implies the right to have the information and skills necessary to make educated purchasing decisions throughout one’s life. Consumer exploitation is mostly a result of their ignorance, particularly among rural customers. They need to be aware of and take use of their rights. Only after that is it possible to successfully accomplish meaningful consumer protection.

5. Right to be Heard

Ensures that the interests of the consumer will be properly considered in relevant forums. Additionally, it involves the right to representation in the numerous forums established to look out for the welfare of the consumer. Consumers ought to establish nonpartisan, noncommercial consumer groups so that they may be represented on committees established by the government and other entities that deal with consumer issues.

6. Right to Seek redressal

Means having the legal right to file a complaint about unethical business activities or the shady exploitation of customers. Along with it, it contains the consumer’s right to a just resolution of legitimate complaints. Genuine complaints from customers must be filed. Even while their complaint may not be significant to them, it might have a significant influence on society as a whole. To get their complaints addressed, they can also turn to consumer organisations for assistance.

In the modern day, all financial institutions are required to uphold these rights. Before using these rights in their daily lives, consumers must be aware of them and understand their significance.

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