Loans for medical students, the dream of becoming a doctor may suddenly become a reality. Many banks provide a moratorium period, little documentation, and a straightforward application procedure that can be done online, making education loans one of the best options to fund your higher studies in the area of medicine in India.

Features and Benefits of Medical Students Loan

  1. Flexibility Loan Amount – Choose any loan amount starting 5,000 up to Rs. 5 lakhs
  2. Repayment Term – Borrowers can choose repayment tenure starting 1 month up to 60 months
  3. 100% Paperless – The entire process from application to disbursal is paperless, online, and hassle-free
  4. Minimal Documentation – All you need to submit are three documents – ID proof, address proof, and income proof
  5. Loans with Low Credit Score – Even if you have a relatively low credit score, you can get a loan.

How you can go about getting Medical Students Loan

Education is expensive. And study abroad particularly so. When you are calculating expenses consider travel expenses, tuition fees, cost of study material, any special coaching you may need, and cost of lodging and boarding, that is not covered through an education loan. Speak to friends and family who live in the country to understand the cost of living. Once you have an accurate estimate of your costs, you will be able to get an idea of how much Personal Loan you need.

Take a Personal Loan for students from a bank that offers flexible tenures, because your monthly repayment amount will depend on the tenure. Remember as a student you may not have the same earnings as you did as a professional. Your biggest requirement is pocket-friendly EMIs. Balance the amount and tenure to arrive at an optimal monthly outgo.

A Personal Loan requires minimal documentation – ID proof, address proof or income proof. Check with your bank and get all the documents ready. If you are an existing customer, the documentation may not even be required. Find out how you can apply for the loan. Talk to your bank about processing time Personal Loans are disbursed quickly.

Tips to Use a Personal Education Loan Responsibly

Where to get Medical Students Loan?

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