Should you take out a Personal Loan to Invest in the Stock Market?

A personal loan may now be easily obtained via banks, non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs), and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms. Some investors take out personal loans to buy stocks and subscribe to initial public offerings (IPOs), hoping to make healthy returns and pay off the debt. Many investors are eager to join in this rise even […]

Should you borrow Money or Sell your Investments?

A Medical Emergency, Unplanned significant Home Repair, Last-minute holiday that you’re excited to take, Unplanned disaster that results in car Damage, all these circumstances all have one thing in common: they all call for you to spend more money that you hadn’t initially budgeted for. And how can you make plans for the additional finances […]

Monthly Income Scheme

Different possibilities are available in investment plans, allowing consumers to significantly improve their income. Before spending money, however, one should give them a closer look. Anyone seeking a guaranteed income should look for programmes with no or little risks. This, in turn, opens up opportunities to considerably reduce losses and other issues, ensuring mental tranquilly. […]

How to be prepared for a Stock Market Crash

Crashing stock markets are an aspect of investing. Stock market collapses are fundamentally unexpected; therefore we can’t anticipate when the next one will happen. We’d avert the next crisis if we could forecast it, like in a Minority Report for investment. A major market downturn will occur at some time, and you’d best be ready. […]

Should you Borrow to Invest in IPOs?

This investing strategy has shown to be successful in a number of IPOs, resulting in better returns for investors. However, things are changing, and they are changing quickly. Investors who seek to earn a fast buck by following this revenue model face increasing danger as interest rates rise. And true turmoil in the financial markets, […]

7 Reasons to invest in ELSS

There are various tax savings options available out there under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, equity-linked savings schemes (ELSS) have emerged as one of the most popular options. ELSS is a tax-saving mutual fund with a three-year lock-in period, where investments are made in equity-related instruments. For long-term investors, choosing ELSS over other […]

How COVID -19 will change our Investments?

The wealth management industry has had to respond at several levels to fairly tectonic shifts in the way we do business due to covid-19. This period was characterized by responses at two levels—to ensure that business continued as usual and to manage client expectations as markets turned extremely volatile and unpredictable. We now need to […]

8 Investment Options for Senior Citizens

Retirement is an important stage in your life. Everybody, whether self-employed or salaried, expects to secure their lives post-retirement. This article discusses everything you need to know about various investment options post-retirement for senior citizens. So, where should a retired investor put his hard-earned lifetime savings to fetch a regular income and also manage one’s […]

What to do if you suffer loss in Business or Investment?

In the past couple of years, the pandemic has seen various small- and medium- sized businesses close down or suffer huge financial losses. Whether it is a business or investment, and be it due to external factors or a wrong strategy on your part, the resulting losses can be devastating and can throw your personal […]

Guide for Millennials Investments on Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Investment should be a reality for many millennials. Most millennials was happy living in a ‘rented space’ in the pre-pandemic era. But things took a turn, post COVID. Now millennials are on a lookout to buy a home to fulfill their needs. Real estate investment and Millennial has been a topic of discussion for […]