How to Claim Income Tax Refund?

When you have paid the government more in taxes than your actual tax obligation, you are entitled to get an income tax refund. This often occurs when a taxpayer’s advance tax, self-assessment tax payment, and/or TDS deduction are larger than their overall tax due for the financial year. When submitting your income tax return, you […]

9 Tips to Make Sure You File IT Returns Timely

The season for submitting returns for the AY 2020–21 has officially begun, as is common knowledge. Everyone is now prepared to file their income tax returns by the deadline. Many taxpayers are wishing for an extension of the deadline as the due day for filing tax returns draws near. It is not advisable to file […]

Income Tax Basics

Income tax is a type of tax that the central government charges on the income earned during a financial year by the individuals and businesses. Taxes are sources of revenue for the government. Government utilizes this revenue for developing infrastructure, providing healthcare, education, subsidy to the farmer/ agriculture sector and in other government welfare schemes. […]

20 Easy Ways to Save Income Tax in India

People are always on the lookout for opportunities to save income tax. No one likes to miss out on options that can save them money paid as tax. Different people prefer different ways of doing so. This year the tax filing deadline for salaried individuals is 31st July 2021. But if all your calculations and documents […]

All about Property Tax

What Is Property Tax? Property Tax, also sometimes known as House Tax, is the tax imposed on real estate owners by the municipal authorities like panchayat, municipality or Municipal Corporation. It is used for maintenance and upkeep of the local civic amenities of the area, like roads, sewage system, lighting, parks, and other infrastructure facilities. […]