Fraud Prevention Checklist and Steps to Help Avoid It

Fraudsters continue to find new ways to separate you from your personal information and your money. No one is immune from identity theft. With a few simple steps, you can avoid some of the biggest and fastest growing traps. Even if your information, account or identity is compromised you shouldn’t panic. With proper advanced planning […]

Cybercrime and How to Avoid It

Cybercrime is defined as illegal action involving a computer, a computer network, or a networked device. Most, but not all, cybercrime is committed by profit-driven cybercriminals or hackers. Individuals or groups can commit cybercrime. Some cybercriminals are well-organized, employ advanced strategies, and have a high level of technical expertise. Others are inexperienced hackers. Cybercrime is […]

Aadhaar Frauds

Aadhaar is one of the most powerful instruments in India today. UIDAI has generated 1.21 billion Aadhaar cards till date and has covered more than 95% of the Indian population. With the scale of information stored in the database of UIDAI, it has become the most substantial treasure. However, the Aadhaar Act prevents any organisation […]