1. K8 School

K8 School is the world’s most affordable accredited online school for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. This school is NOT a traditional school that is providing online classes because of disruption in normal life due to the pandemic. Instead, IT IS A FULL-FLEDGED 100% ONLINE SCHOOL!

Students who enroll in this school can log in on their devices from wherever they are, enter their classrooms and start studying with the world’s best online curriculum designed through research and interactions with millions of parents and students worldwide.

A student is part of a designated class but with a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 9:1 and gets exposure to culturally divergent peer groups from all over the country. Not just this, our platform also offers a host of extra-curricular activities, conversations with experts from different industries and careers, personal and academic counseling, and so much more.

At K8 School, the student doesn’t follow the curriculum. Instead, the curriculum is designed to follow the student’s interests. So that the student gets enough time to pursue other interests and hobbies as well. In this way, every student attains the freedom to discover oneself, navigate through the challenges in academics and life. And reach where she or he wants to reach, not where others want her or him to.

2. AOL School

Every sphere in life has been transformed in the digital age. Why should schooling be an “old” one out? Bringing to you a new way of schooling, AOL School is the best way to get school education from the comfort of your home.

Blending the best of western and Indian teaching methodologies, AOL School provides your child with the best education. By keeping the batch strength to a maximum of 25 students, AOL School ensures that your child gets the personal attention of expert educators with personalized lesson plans and course materials. What’s more, anyone can join AOL School, irrespective of which part of the world they live in.

With an option to study from smart books and traditional books, AOL School makes learning a fun affair. The curriculum is covered with interactive activities such as group quizzes on alternate days to boost the collaborative capabilities of our students.

AOL School ensures your child is taught only by the best minds. And that’s why our Grade 6-12 classes are taught by IITians. Besides, with regular attendance and activity reports, and monthly PTM meetings, you will always be in control of your child’s progress.

3. 21K School

21K School is India’s first online only school. They offer transparent quality education, regardless of the situation and location. Our teachers and students come from around the world – connect with our counsellor to see if they are right for your child.

Being online only was a conscious decision taken by the management of 21K School after significant research, discussions, and surveys among stakeholders, including teachers, staff, students, and parents. Several reasons create unnecessary hurdles for parents and children to avail quality education. While cities attract the best teachers, people living in other areas have to do with sub-par faculty. Not only can this but several other reasons from commute to health challenges come in the way. Hence, 21K School wanted to be location agnostic and get world class education to your world wherever that might be.

Being online only they are not for everyone. If you are happy with the traditional school system and have access to quality education at an affordable price then they might not be right for you.

But if you fall in any of the following categories, they encourage you to talk our counsellor and attend a class to open up your mind to a world of possibilities for your child.

4. Online-only School

We are an online-only school, created with a drive to transform the traditional learning structures & become a school of the future. We do understand choosing a school for your child is one of the most crucial initial decisions you make for them.

We bring you world-class education, putting technology to good use. The child is at the centre of the education we deliver. It is fully focused on the individual, with flexible learning options.

5. CYBOARD School

Cyboard is a 100% online school which ensures that learners can access it on their devices from anywhere and don’t have to go physically and attend classes. The moment they log in, they are inside the school.

At Cyboard School, they offer the best of all worlds: stress free, systematic and structured virtual classes from the comfort and safety of your own home. Now anyone from everywhere can learn from our best trained teachers & curriculums which are not otherwise approachable because of the distance from the school, non-availability of good teachers for all subjects in traditional school, absence of a good school in the city/town, or because of exorbitant fee structures. All you need is a computer or a smart phone and an internet connection to have best education at your doorsteps.

8 Best Online Learning Portals in India for Students and Teachers

1. Bharat Skills – https://bharatskills.gov.in/

Bharat skills and eSkillIndia portals are a repository of skill-based courses, where most of them follow the NSQF curriculum. Currently, the Bharat skills portal has e-learning videos available for 79 trades like carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc.

2. eSkillIndia – https://eskillindia.org/

eSkillIndia, a multilingual portal offers more than 400 courses in about 10 regional languages. Content on these portals is aggregated by various knowledge and content partners.

Know more about eSkillIndia portal – https://www.nationalskillsnetwork.in/eskillindia-from-nsdc-indias-gateway-to-online-skill-development/

3. NASSCOM – Future skills – http://futureskills.nasscom.in/

NASSCOM Future skills portal is a portal where students can learn the skills of the future. It is an industry-driven learning ecosystem that aims to reskill two million professionals and potential employees and students in the industry over a period of five years.

4. Skillsbuild – http://skillsbuild.org/

With ever-evolving technology, new job roles emerge which require newer skills to perform a task and make a difference in the world of work. Portal like Skillsbuild build provides courses in the latest technology like Artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, Client engagement, etc. along with training in soft skills.

5. Swayam – https://swayam.gov.in/

Swayam portal runs on the principle of access, equity, and quality. It has courses from class nine to post-graduation. Courses delivered through SWAYAM are available free of cost to the learners, however, learners wanting a SWAYAM certificate will have to attend an exam at a fee. Eligibility for the certificate will be announced on the course page and learners will get certificates only if this criterion is matched.

6. Swayam Prabha – https://www.swayamprabha.gov.in/

Swayam Prabha is a group of 32 DTH channels, which run high-quality educational programs. The contents are provided by NPTEL, IITs, UGC, CEC, IGNOU, NCERT, and NIOS. The courses are available for students from class 9 to post-graduation level in the subjects of arts, science, commerce, performing arts, social sciences, agriculture among others.

7. E-patashala – https://epathshala.nic.in/index.php?ln=en

E-patashala is an initiative by NCERT, which is a storehouse of audios, videos, flipbooks, etc. available in Hindi, English, and Urdu. The portal and the mobile in total have 3886 resources and 504 e-textbooks.

8. Diksha – https://diksha.gov.in/

National Teacher Platform (NTP) branded as “Diksha” is built to host Open Educational Resources (OER) and tools for Teachers in Schools, Teacher Educators in Teacher Education Institutes. The platform provides resources such as lesson plans, concept videos, worksheets, mapped to the curriculum.

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