Women entrepreneurs are leading the charge to produce innovative solutions for bringing a positive change in society. In doing so, they are showcasing their unique approach to management, organisation and solving business problems. With customised business loans for women, loaded with a host of benefits and privileges, we are here to partner your financial needs. We hope to be with you along the way of your success in finding your financial independence, making your own decisions and leading the way for people around the country.

Features of Business Loans for Women

Benefits of Small Business Loans for Women

What is the Eligibility for Business Loan for Women?

Business Loans for Women: Fees & Interest Rates

Customized Interest Rates15 to 27% *
Processing Fees2-3%
Loan Tenureup to 3 years
Pre-closure ChargesNil**
Eligibility Criteria> ₹ 90,000 turn over for 3 Months
Loan Amount₹ 50,000 – ₹ 2 crore

3 simple steps to your Business Loans for Women

1. Submit Application

Simply enter your personal, business and financial info to receive a Business Loans for Women offer.

2. Upload Documents

Upload digital copies of your documents in a single step process for verification.

3. Get Sanctioned

Receive your Business Loans for Women approval and disbursal within 3 working days.

6 Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in India

Women entrepreneurs in India face challenges that are singular to the country, such as,

1. Social Stigma

The patriarchal setup of the Indian society puts enterprising women at a disadvantage by raising questions about their ability and competitiveness. While Indian women have broken these stigmas time and again, society is yet to witness a comprehensive transformation of mindset when it comes to promoting women equality in social, economic and political life.

2. Aggressive Behaviour of Peer

The theme of bias against women is not limited to society, but also extends into the financial sphere, where women entrepreneurs are often patronized by their peers. Often times such aggressive and assertive behaviour can be detrimental for a woman’s enterprising spirit and business vision.

3. Networking

Women entrepreneurs are such an isolated breed at the moment that it becomes difficult for them to join business networks, notwithstanding the aforementioned disadvantages of working in a male-dominated environment.

4. Personal Priorities

Quite often, an enterprising woman is also responsible for managing the household. This puts her at a disadvantage in comparison to male entrepreneurs when it comes to devoting time to business development.

5. Business Mindset

Given the sheltered way in which most Indian women are brought up, it takes time for them to become a shrewd business operator. Sometimes, a stakeholder or competitor may take undue advantage of a woman entrepreneur’s trusting nature.

6. Safety and Security

A major problem faced by most women entrepreneurs in India is that of personal safety and security. Their work may involve odd working hours and frequent travelling to new places, which always warrants caution.

Documents Required

Application formFilled and duly signed
KYC DocumentsBusiness entity proof, partnership deed, incorporation certificate, shops and establishment certificate, Articles of Association (AOA)
FinancialsProjected turnover and current year performance
Tax audit reports, balance sheet, profit and loss report, VAT returns, audited and provisional financials, etc.
Bank StatementsFor the last 6 months
PhotographsPassport-size photograph of applicant/co-applicants
PAN CardOf partners/directors/proprietors/promoters
Of the business entity
Address ProofOf the business entity
Of directors/promoters/partners/proprietors

Business Loans for Women in 2021

1. Government Loans:

2. Government Sector Bank Loans:

3. Commercial Business Loan:

With a commercial business loan, you can borrow as much as Rs. 50 lakhs for tenure of up to 3-5 years. These loans are generally ideal for medium-scale businesses wanting to expand their operations. You will also be required to submit your current account statement of at least one year to the lender to ascertain that you are running a profit-making business. if you do have assets like commercial property which you can pledge, the loan amount can be increased further.

4. Small Business Finance:

Some financial institutions now offer many different types of small business or SME loans. Small to medium-scale female entrepreneurs funding can opt for LOC or Line of Credit where the eligibility of the applicant is used by the lender for determining their maximum LOC amount. You can borrow loans of up to 50 Lakhs or more. While repaying the loan, you will only be required to pay interest on the amount you actually used and not on the entire credit limit. Secured and unsecured loans are available.

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