Impact of GST on Personal Loans

Taxes are levied on all products and services purchased and sold in India. All loans, including personal loans, follow the same rules. This is so because banks and other lending organizations provide loans to borrowers as a service. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the country’s greatest tax reform. It was created with the […]

E-Invoicing under GST

The term “e-Invoicing” as used in the GST law refers to electronic invoicing. Similar to how a firm that has registered for GST utilises an e-way bill when moving products from one location to another. Similar to this, certain recognised GST-registered firms are required to produce an electronic invoice for B2B transactions. B2B invoices are […]

4 Situations Where Personal Loan Interest Tax May Be Deducted

Borrowers can obtain money for personal needs through the use of a personal loan as a financial instrument. A personal loan may be utilised for all of these reasons and more, including last-minute vacation needs, unforeseen financial difficulties, and wedding costs. A quick personal loan may be readily applied for online and has much less […]

9 Tips to Make Sure You File IT Returns Timely

The season for submitting returns for the AY 2020–21 has officially begun, as is common knowledge. Everyone is now prepared to file their income tax returns by the deadline. Many taxpayers are wishing for an extension of the deadline as the due day for filing tax returns draws near. It is not advisable to file […]

Time to Prep for Filing Your Tax Return

Taxation is a complicated topic, and the frequently altering rules, procedures, and regulations may make anybody confused. An assesses has four months to have their tax returns ready to file. The field of tax preparation is expanding and offers the community a valuable and appreciated service. What does a Tax Preparer do? Most tax professionals prepare, submit, or offer assistance with standard tax forms. A tax preparer can represent a taxpayer before the IRS in addition to these fundamental services. Audits and problems with […]

GST Refund

Refund under GST is the process of reversal of taxes paid by the taxpayer, for one or the other reason. You can claim a refund of the tax that you paid if you are eligible for it, by filing a refund return form under GST. Taxpayers & Tax Practitioners struggle around this provision of the GST […]

All about Property Tax

What Is Property Tax? Property Tax, also sometimes known as House Tax, is the tax imposed on real estate owners by the municipal authorities like panchayat, municipality or Municipal Corporation. It is used for maintenance and upkeep of the local civic amenities of the area, like roads, sewage system, lighting, parks, and other infrastructure facilities. […]

5 Tax Saving Hacks

If you invest in stocks and equity funds, you must have earned healthy returns in the past few years. But while the going has been good on the investment front, there is bad news flowing from the tax department. In the past few years, the tax monster has spread its tentacles and started moving into […]

How much Tax do you pay on Bond Investments?

Tax Saving Bonds Tax-saving bonds are great instruments offered by the government to help people save tax. These are special documents which offer tax benefits to the owners as permitted under the Income Tax Act. These bonds have a lock-in period of 5 years. India, the largest democracy in the world runs on the tax […]