How to Declutter your Debt

It might be difficult to manage your money. Fortunately, with a little preparation, you can streamline your financial management, saving you time, effort, and money. You can think and act with purpose when you have a clean head and a clear environment. Particularly when you consider organising your financial matters, this is true. You will […]

One Question you need to ask before every Financial Decision

A crucial first step is getting your financial house in order, whether you want to start a business, grow an existing one, retire early, or simply change your lifestyle. Additionally, you get access to plenty of tools. You may find a million and one retirement calculators, budgeting tools, and practical rules of thumb that can […]

Advantages of Debt Financing

Debt Financing Debt finance is the formal name for borrowing money from a third party with the obligation to repay the principle plus the agreed-upon rate of interest. When most people think of borrowing money, they picture a bank, but small company owners have access to a wide range of debt financing options. Peer-to-peer loans, […]

10 Financial Moves to Make After Losing a Spouse

We all know that any day might be our last, yet few individuals prepare for the financial decisions that will be required of the surviving spouse or family. It’s normal to want to avoid talking about mortality, yet life goes on, creditors want their money, and asset management must continue.  1. Asset Retiling  After losing […]

Financial Health

Financial health describes the state of a person’s personal financial situation. Its dimensions include savings, retirement planning, and the income spent on fixed or non-discretionary expenses. Financial health is a basic measure of the soundness of an individual’s finances – essentially, it’s about what kind of financial shape you’re in overall. You may also view it as […]

Tips to maintain Financial Stability when taking a Work Sabbatical

Taking an extended leave from your job requires careful financial planning and goals-driven activities. As an adult working member of a family, you might surely have many responsibilities which require a steady flow of monthly income. More often than not, this is the single biggest reason that discourages people from taking an extended career break. […]

How to Improve your Financial Health in 2022

Financial health refers to an individual’s potential to meet any emergency financial crisis without hampering his/her daily lifestyle. 5 Reasons Why Your Financial Health is Important in 2022 Financial Emergencies– Uncertainties prevailing around us are increasing day by day. In such a time, one can only be financially sound if they have an emergency fund, which […]

Revenue Based Financing

As the start-up ecosystem in India strengthens, many new classes of capitals are being introduced. And of all the capital classes, both investors and entrepreneurs find revenue-based financing a distinct solution. Since its adoption in India in 2020, more and more start-ups and small enterprises (SMEs) are pivoting towards this financing option. That’s because it […]

Financial Wellness during COVID

Adopting financial discipline The stock market, bond market and other financial markets have come down heavy under the hammer of coronavirus. Companies have begun the painful process of layoffs and pay cuts. Demand has been hit, due to consumer sentiment being hit. Global supply chains have seen major disruptions. In short, the whole world is […]

10 Tips for Dealing with Financial Stress after a Job Loss

In the past couple of years, many of us have watched colleagues, friends, and even family members grapple with the loss of their job or face a substantial pay cut. For many of us, it has driven home the fact that even seemingly secure jobs might vanish overnight.  But even if one’s monthly income were […]