CIBIL Report Problems and Solutions

In India, an organisation that provides credit reports is called CIBIL, or Credit Information Bureau Limited. When the records of a person’s payments for loans and credit cards are compiled, a CIBIL Credit Report—which is a chronicle of your credit history is created. A bank or other financial institution will review the CIBIL score after it […]

Business Loan Credit Score / Credit Report

A Business Credit Report, also known as a corporate credit report, is a detailed document that summarises an organization’s financial history based on data provided by various creditors and lenders. Other lenders will use this report to assess the subject’s creditworthiness before extending loans to them. Many organisations use a business credit report as part […]

How to raise my Credit Score?

It pays to have a good credit score. A high score can get you better and quicker loans. However, a low CIBIL score can be terrifying for those individuals who have an urgent need for money; this can affect their borrowings adversely.  You can build up your credit score with these 10 smart moves. However, […]

7 reasons to check your Credit Report

A lender generally uses a loan or credit card applicant’s credit score to evaluate the person’s eligibility to avail of these facilities. The lender also factors in the person’s credit score while fixing interest rate for loan repayment. Therefore, it is essential for borrowers to maintain good credit scores. To do so, one can fetch one’s credit […]

How to Dispute Errors in your Credit Report?

Credit bureaus in the country collect individual data and prepare a credit report. They also calculate the credit score using their proprietary algorithm. However, there could be errors in your credit report that can hamper your chances of getting a loan approval. If you identify an error on your credit report, you should start by […]