CIBIL Repair

Bad credit may put you in a lot of trouble, from getting a loan to getting a renter’s agreement on your flat. Credit score is a three-digit numeric figure that appears on the Credit Information Report and is used to start the loan application process. You may be in greater danger if your score is poor. If you have a poor credit history, you must take some steps to rectify the situation. Credit repair is a strategy to raise your credit score without spending any more money.

Do you have an outstanding credit card balance? We’ve all been there, so try not to be stressed. When you’re new to the process, getting a free credit report is usually the first step.


How to boost your Credit Score Repair

1. Check CIBIL Score Report at Regular Intervals

2. Dispute Negative Marks

3. Plan your Credit

4. Monitor the Payment History and take action

5. Pay on Time

6. Prepayments

7. Increase Your Credit Card Limit