A Program to Encourage Women Entrepreneurship -WEPNxt

India is becoming an independent powerhouse thanks in large part to the contributions of women. However, the private sector of the economy, along with the current entrepreneurial scene, still under represents women in its innovative concepts and business models. In order to increase women’s engagement in the business world, the Government of India was inspired […]

10 Challenges Faced by Female Entrepreneurs

It might be difficult to be a woman and an entrepreneur. The fact that a woman must continually demonstrate her competence in order to make the seemingly impossible a reality is one of the most challenging aspects of being a woman. Women are the owners of many such successful enterprises despite all the difficulties and […]

Loan Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs in India

Women Entrepreneurs can be seen everywhere in the startup-up ecosystem of India. Women too are seen leaving their high-profile jobs as well as some stepping out of the four walls of their homes and joining the pool of Entrepreneurship in India. The major factor to jump-start the entrepreneurial journey is capital and various banks offer […]