Impact of GST on Personal Loans

Taxes are levied on all products and services purchased and sold in India. All loans, including personal loans, follow the same rules. This is so because banks and other lending organizations provide loans to borrowers as a service. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the country’s greatest tax reform. It was created with the […]

E-Invoicing under GST

The term “e-Invoicing” as used in the GST law refers to electronic invoicing. Similar to how a firm that has registered for GST utilises an e-way bill when moving products from one location to another. Similar to this, certain recognised GST-registered firms are required to produce an electronic invoice for B2B transactions. B2B invoices are […]

GST State Codes and Jurisdiction HSN Code

The GST jurisdiction is critical for the efficient processing of returns, applications, and assessments, as well as the availability of legal services. To make GST registration easier for enterprises and professionals, the government has classified jurisdictions based on geographical region, PIN numbers of various locales, and unique districts. What is the GST state code? The […]