Importance of Employee Financial Wellness

Why Financial Well-Being Is Important Your workers’ personal and professional lives and, consequently, your business are negatively impacted by financial hardship. Some of the factors that make financial security vital are outlined here. 1. Attendance and Absence Financial stress increases absenteeism and tardiness by 34%, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. When compared […]

CFO Checklist: Key Steps to Take

The coming year may bring greater uncertainty, according to experts. Now for the good news: Even though there will inevitably be outside influences, having more financial assurance will help you deal with any challenges that may arise. There is a lot of discussion about the chief financial officer’s evolving duties (CFO). Modern CFOs have a […]

How to Improve your Financial Health in 2023

Financial health refers to an individual’s potential to meet any emergency financial crisis without hampering his/her daily lifestyle. 5 Reasons Why Your Financial Health is Important in 2022 Steps To Improve Your Financial Health in 2022 Financial health refers to your monetary state. Strong financial health is characterised by a steady flow of income, a […]

Everything You Should Know About the Digital Rupee

What exactly is Digital Rupee? A “legal tender” issued in digital form by a central bank, according to the Reserve Bank of India, is CBDC. It is comparable to fiat money and may be exchanged “one for one” for fiat money. This “Digital Rupee,” also known as the “e-Rupee,” will function as a national currency and […]

One Question you need to ask before every Financial Decision

A crucial first step is getting your financial house in order, whether you want to start a business, grow an existing one, retire early, or simply change your lifestyle. Additionally, you get access to plenty of tools. You may find a million and one retirement calculators, budgeting tools, and practical rules of thumb that can […]

What should you choose for a lender: Housing Finance Companies?

Bank Home Loans with floating rates must now be tied to an external benchmark, such as the repo rate, under Reserve Bank of India (RBI) instructions that took effect in October 2019. Making ensuring that rate-cut advantages were passed through to borrowers was the goal of the new loan system. That is to say, if […]

How to achieve Financial Freedom this Independence Day?

India will celebrate its 73rd Republic Day on January 26. The Indian Constitution became operative on January 26, 1950, three years after India gained independence from the British. As the nation prepares to celebrate the 73rd Republic Day and as India, a country brimming with new investing trends, celebrates the same, this might be a […]

Why Financial Education is Crucial in Today’s Society?

In today’s environment, financial education is crucial. Even if you’ve spent a good deal of your time in classrooms learning math, physics, and other subjects, without a financial education, you won’t be complete. It’s interesting that while this affects your life immensely, you won’t be tested on it. Many adults between the ages of 18 […]

What part do Credit Guarantees Play in Financing Entrepreneurs?

Credit Guarantee Schemes (CGSs) are a frequently employed policy instrument to make it easier for SMEs to receive financing, which, in certain countries, increased in the wake of the 2008–2009 financial crisis. By examining the characteristics of CGSs along a number of dimensions, including ownership structure and funding, legal and regulatory framework, and operational features […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Online Financial Data Safe

Cyber thieves use a variety of methods to try to collect your personal and financial information through the internet. For most of us, utilising mobile applications and PCs to conduct banking and financial activities has become increasingly frequent. The risk of your data and hard-earned money being compromised is higher than ever before as a […]