Strategies to protect your Foreign Education Budget from declining Currency

Students who are studying abroad have worries about the Indian rupee’s decline in value relative to the US dollar. Students, both current and prospective ones who intend to pursue higher education overseas, are being impacted by the rupee’s volatility. Students must pay for living expenses in addition to tuition, and the fluctuating exchange rates can […]

Online Schools in India 2022

1. K8 School K8 School is the world’s most affordable accredited online school for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. This school is NOT a traditional school that is providing online classes because of disruption in normal life due to the pandemic. Instead, IT IS A FULL-FLEDGED 100% ONLINE SCHOOL! Students who enroll in this […]

Loan for Coaching and Education in India

The education of their children is a critical goal for almost all Indian parents. An education loan offers several benefits. The most obvious one is that loans are an easy financing option that covers almost 100% of the expenses incurred during the span of education. The quantum of finances that students can borrow exceeds the amount they […]

Online School Education in India

With educational facilities shuttered owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, the government has been supporting online education to achieve academic continuity. While most high-end private and governmental institutions have successfully transitioned to online platforms such as Zoom, Google Classrooms, Microsoft Teams, and others, with initial hiccups many others are still finding it a monumental challenge. The […]

Advantages of Online Classes

What is Online Education? Computer-based training, Web-based training, Internet-based training, online training, e-learning (electronic learning), m-learning (mobile learning), computer-aided distance education – online education goes by many names and comes in a variety of styles, but at its core “Online education is electronically supported learning that relies on the Internet for teacher/student interaction and the […]

How to Remain Calm During Exams?

What is Test Anxiety and How Does It Affect You? While it’s natural to be worried before an exam, test anxiety may be crippling for certain students. Physical symptoms such as a quick heartbeat, headache, or nausea might be combined with racing thoughts, inability to focus, or emotions of dread. Test anxiety may undermine weeks […]